Booty Building Basics

Booty Building Basics

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Having problems building your booty? Always been skinny and never have had a booty? Recently lost weight and experiencing a saggy booty? Let's give it a lift, and I mean one that will last you. Building a booty takes focus and patience to know which muscle you are actually targeting. Let me help guide you through your leg and booty workouts so you can get the most out of your workouts! You will begin to love leg and booty day, you will NOT be able to go without after you see the pump from just one workout. Tighten, tone, and grow your booty with this plan!


-16+ Complete Workouts to work your booty and legs

-Glute Warm-Up

-Workout Glossary (detailed explanation of each exercise)

-Workout Tracking Sheets (track your weight, reps, and sets)

-Exclusive access to my private Instagram with video demonstrations

-Email support from yours truly

 -This program is GYM based

BONUS: You will ALWAYS get to keep the programs you purchase!