Full Body Challenge 1 & 2 Home & Gym

Full Body Challenge 1 & 2 Home & Gym

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No need for any other workout program with this one! All of my home and gym based workouts so you never had to miss out on getting a great workout, no matter where you are! All of my Full Body Challenge 1 & 2 (home & gym based) workout programs in one bundle for 22 weeks of workouts! This program includes my Full Body Challenge 1 (home & gym) and the Full Body Challenge 2 (gym) programs! Perfect for anyone ready to make a transformation to have a healthier and happier life! This program will challenge you and leave you feeling better after each workout you complete. Use the Full Body Challenge 1 to tighten and tone your body for the ultimate foundation to make all your gains with the Full Body Challenge 2! The perfect duo. Get ready to grow your booty and tighten up your waist with this bundle!

This is a GYM AND HOME based workout. Optional for you to do at home or the gym!


-22 Weeks of Workouts

-5-8 workouts a week for you to kill through, optional to do at home or the gym

-Includes the Full Body Challenge & Full Body Challenge 2

-Booty Cardio workouts

-HIIT workouts

-Booty Warm-Up Exercises

-Workouts for all major muscle groups(upper body, lower body, abs)

-Workout Glossary(explains how to do each workout)

-Workout Tracking Sheets(track your progress daily)

-Gym and Home based workouts(22 weeks total)

-The Grocery Guide and my Smoothie Recipe

-My Supplement Routine

-Videos with demonstration on my Instagram account @julieannafitness

-Equipment needed for GYM based program: dumbbells, barbells, bench/box, resistance bands, leg extension machine, leg press, cable machine, and hamstring curl machine for bare minimum 


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